For us, the person is the measure of all things.

An illness is never simply an illness, an injury never just an injury. We believe that therapies work much more effectively when we understand our patients holistically in all dimensions. We follow a comprehensive therapy concept in which we approach every patient and his/her situation as one journey from a comprehensive consultation, the surgical treatments available to ongoing aftercare, with our physiotherapy rehabilitation partners.

The consultation

We take all the time needed.

Listening is the key to successful medical treatment and we believe that the rapid five minute consultation that’s becoming ever more prevalent is no longer sufficient. We place great importance on a thorough consultation in the right atmosphere. We take all questions, concerns, worries and fears seriously. What our patients tell us helps us see their situation clearly and recognise all influences on their situation and its possible causes.

We outline the options of our holistic therapy concept in a comprehensive and individual discussion, paying special attention to every individual life situation.

The holistic view

Perceiving people in every dimension.

We want our patients to feel completely understood. That’s why we examine their overall situation comprehensively and work with them from the current standpoint of their lives. Once we’ve gained a good overall impression of their lives and possible causes of illness or disturbance, we can take our patients by the hand and guide them in a planned way through the treatment.
The more you know, the better you understand the progress of your treatment. You feel involved and less vulnerable because we discuss all options, explain the pros and cons of therapies and show the ways in which the patient can contribute to the success of their treatment. We always promote an active role in the healing process.

The cornerstones of our holistic therapy concept:

  • The consultation provides a comprehensive picture of the patient.
  • The detailed explanation of our planned course of treatment
  • Non-operative (conservative) measures
  • Surgical measures
  • Appropriate aftercare

Through the comprehensive consultation and meaningful compilation of the appropriate therapies available, an individual treatment plan is created. The surgical procedures can be an important, but not always obligatory, element of the treatment.